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Winter 2018




Annual Meeting


The CCPPA 2018 Annual General Meeting is being held at the Delta Hotels Kananaskis Lodge in Kananaskis Village, Alberta from February 14 to 16, 2018.

Please submit registration forms by January 14, 2018


Delta Hotel - Please reserve you room as soon as possible as there is a limited block of rooms that are reserved for the CCPPA for February 14 to February 19.

Book your group rate for CCPPA Conference

Contact Diane Mauro for assistance.
t. 519-489-4488 ext 1
f. 519-578-6060


See details on the Events Page. CLICK HERE 

Ottawa - January 10
Kitchener - February 22
London - March 1 
Niagara March 6 
Toronto March 8
Sudbury - March 20


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Tested for strength
Plant Prequalification Program

Prequalified Plants

Anchor Concrete Products
1645 Sydenham Road
Kingston, ON  K7L 4V4
T: 613-546-6683
F: 613-546-4540
TF: 800-223-0012
Jeff Bradfield
  Armtec Infrastructure Inc. - Brampton
35 Rutherford Rd. S

Brampton, ON  L6W 3J4
T: 905-457-4140
F: 905-457-5323
Paul Slosarcik

  Armtec Infrastructure Inc. - Ottawa

5598 Power Road
Gloucester, ON  K1G 3N4
T: 800-344-0151
F: 613-822-2302
Steven Boucher

  Babcock Supply Ltd.
10357 Base Line

Dresden, ON  N0P 1M0
T: 519-683-2696
F: 519-683-2548
Steve Porter

Groupe Brunet
1625 Boulevard Langlois

Valleyfield, PQ  J6S 1C2
T: 450-373-8262
F: 450-373-3360
Bernard Brunet

  Coldstream Concrete Ltd.

RR#2, 402 Quaker Lane
Ilderton, ON  N0M 2A0
T: 519-666-0604
F: 519-666-0977
Robert Brown

  Con Cast Pipe
RR#3, 299 Brock Road
Guelph, ON  N1H 6H9
Tel: 800-668-7473
F: 519-763-1982
Brian Wood
  Con Cast Pipe
3300 Superior Court
Oakville, ON  L6L 0C4
T: 905-825-2691
F: 905-825-2684
Brian Wood

Co-Pipe Products Inc.
20501 Goddard Road
Taylor, MI  48180
T: 734-287-1000
F: 734-287-8132
Wes Bailey
8807 Simcoe Road #56
Utopia, ON  L0M 1T0
T: 705-734-2892
F: 705-734-2920
TF: 1-800-461-5632
Jim Tully
  Forterra Pipe & Precast
RR#2, 2099 Roseville Road

Cambridge, ON  N1R 5S3
T: 519-622-7574
F: 519-621-8233
TF: 1-888-888-3222
Leo Steffler

  Forterra Pipe & Precast
RR #6, 3374 Rideau Road
Gloucester, ON  K1G 3N4
T: 613-822-0160
F: 613-822-1409
Leo Steffler

Forterra Pipe & Precast
1818 Hopkins Street South
Whitby, ON  L1N 7G8
T: 800-265-1354
F: 905-668-0046
Leo Steffler

1331 Rue de la Gare
Mascouche, Quebec  J7K 3G6
T: 450-474-6189

  Inland Pipe - Calgary
7336 - 112 Avenue NW

Calgary, AB  T3R 1R8
T: 604-269-6728
F: 604-261-6751
Justin Arnott

  Inland Pipe - Winnipeg
Box 4080, RPO Redwood Centre
Winnipeg, MB  R2W 5K8
T: 604-269-6728
F: 604-261-6751
Justin Arnott

Lafarge - Calgary
6920 13th Street South East
Calgary, AB  T2H 3B1
T: 403-292-9503
F: 403-255-2677
Kevin Zaharia

  Lafarge - Edmonton
533-166 Avenue North West
Edmonton, AB  T6S 1G3
T: 780-468-5910
F: 780-465-6443
Amir Azizi

  Lafarge - Winnipeg
185 Dawson Road
Winnipeg, MB  R2J 0S6
T: 204-958-6333
F: 204-233-5644
Kevin Zaharia

  M Con Products Inc.
2150 Richardson Side Road
Carp, ON  K0A 1L0
T: 613-831-1736
F: 613-831-2048
TF: 800-267-5515
Carlo Taverna

M Con Pipe & Products Inc.
P.O.Box 1191, 2691 Greenfield Road
Ayr, ON  N0B 1E0
T: 519-632-9112
F: 519-632-7440
Doug Galloway

  Miller Precast Limited
58 Cooper Road
Rosslyn, ON
P7K 0E3
T: 807-939-2655
F: 807-939-1788
Tracy Miller

  Parlan Precast Inc.
131 Brantford Street
Seaforth, ON  N0K 1W0
T: 519-276-7830
F: 519-527-1179
Jeff Partridge
  Precon Precast Products
P.O. Box 128
Lethbridge, AB  T1J 3Y3
T: 403-723-7225
F: 403-329-0596
TF: 800-661-8020
Cody Kibala
Proform Precast Products Inc.
430 Lantern Street
Red Deer County, AB  T4E 0A5
T: 403-343-8000
F: 403-343-8056
TF: 1-888-432-4087
Roger Guzman
  Rainbow Concrete Industries
2477 Maley Drive
Sudbury, ON  P3A 4R7
T: 800-461-6281
F: 705-566-1740
Boris Naneff
  Roswell Concrete Products Limited
216 Burford-Delhi Townline Road, 
R.R. #3
Scotland, ON  N0E 1R0
T: 519-446-2749
F: 519-446-2304
Scott Roswell

  Tri--Kon Precast Concrete Products
601 Patterson St. West
Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 4J1
T: 250-426-8162
F: 250-489-4013
Chris Kostiuk
Underground Specialties
(Millennium Precast Products)

5340 Walker Road

Oldcastle, ON  N0R 1L0
T: 519-737-1428
F: 519-737-1429
Wayne Talbot

The Skinny

The Standards

CSA Standards
CSA A23.4, CAN/CSA A257.1, A257.2, A257.3, A257.4, ASTM C507M

OPSS 1351

OPSS 1821

Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, CAN/CSA S6

AWWA C301 or C302.


Application through the Chair of the Plant Prequalification Advisory Committee


An Engineer is retained to carry out an independent inspection of the applicant’s plant and product(s)
Annual intermediate inspections in the following two years.

Normally valid for 12 months after the date of issue.
A Prequalification Certificate may be cancelled at any time.

Ontario Concrete Pipe Association membership is not a prerequisite for Prequalification.

Promotion and Education

  • Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Plant tours.

How the Plant Prequalification Program Works

The Plant Prequalification Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the Municipal Engineers Association, Ministry of Transportation Ontario, Ontario Provincial Standards, Ontario Concrete Pipe Association and Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario administers the Plant Prequalification Program.

Owners of infrastructure projects that purchase precast concrete drainage products from prequalified plants, receive products that have been tested for quality through the manufacturing process and inspected upon completion. Concrete drainage products supplied from a prequalified plant comply with the requirements of the latest editions of CSA standards for concrete pipe, manholes, catchbasins, valve chambers and other precast concrete Standards including CSA A23.4, CAN/CSA A257.1, A257.2, A257.3, A257.4, ASTM C507M, and OPSS 1351. This also includes reinforced 
concrete box units (including three sided structures) that comply with the latest edition of the OPSS 1821 and the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, CAN/CSA S6. Concrete Pressure Pipe complies with AWWA C301 or C302.

Application by any producer for a Prequalification Certificate is made through the Chair of the Plant Prequalification Advisory Committee. Applications shall cover the full range of products that the manufacturer wishes to be on the certificate covered by the standards listed above.

A third party engineer is retained to carry out an independent inspection of the applicant’s plant and Product. Samples of products are tested and the Engineer prepares a detailed report. The Engineer submits a letter to the Chair which states compliance or non-compliance with the prequalification requirements, together with a recommendation. The Chair issues the Prequalification Certificate. If the detailed inspection cannot be completed, the remaining required inspections shall be carried over to the following year(s) until all the required work can be completed. If product is produced that was not tested during the detailed inspection, sufficient product shall be set aside for testing by the engineer.

Annual intermediate inspections in the following two years shall continue and product made shall be sampled and tested as required.

The Certificate states the product to which the prequalification applies and is normally valid for 12 months after the date of issue.
Each year, plants are inspected by the Engineer who checks and tests to ascertain whether or not quality control and the standard of workmanship are being maintained at a satisfactory level. This is considered to be an intermediate inspection. Every third year, the Engineer undertakes detailed inspection and testing, and submits a report comparable to the original inspection for prequalification. A Prequalification Certificate may be cancelled at any time with respect to any product. The Manufacturer is given a limited amount of time to correct deficiencies, otherwise, the Prequalification Certificate is lost and the prequalification process shall start anew.

These prequalification requirements apply to plants supplying or from which it is proposed to supply Precast Concrete Drainage Products, pursuant to a specification requiring that such product be supplied from a plant approved by the Prequalification Committee. All such Precast Concrete Drainage Products supplied to a project shall have been manufactured in a plant which has been prequalified by the Prequalification Committee and for which the Manufacturer has a Prequalification Certificate issued by the Prequalification Committee, which is valid at the time of manufacture and delivery of the Product. Ontario Concrete Pipe Association membership is not a prerequisite for the Plant Prequalification Program.

The manufacturer shall allow the Engineer full access to their facilities and exempt the Engineer from any statements of non-disclosure that may normally be required of visitors to their facilities.

Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association

447 Frederick St, Second Floor, Kitchener, Ontario N2H 2P4  CANADA
T: 519-489-4488  F: 519-578-6060