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Long span precast boxes and arches are available for replacing small bridges. Boxes and arches come in a range of sizes and configurations to fit site conditions. A precast concrete bridge replacement can provide maintenance-free service for decades, even for as long as 100 years, as the concrete get stronger with time. Members of the Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association offer reliable, high-quality products for small bridge systems.


    First Manitoulin CON/SPAN Replaces Bridge Without Disturbing Creek

A CON/SPAN® bridge was assembled in less than two days to replace an aging timber
bridge on Manitoulin Island; Ontario’s 180 km-long, and world’s largest freshwater
island. The first precast structure of its kind on the island spans Grimsthorpe Creek
on Grimsthorpe Road between the Sand Road and the Beaver Road, west of
Providence Bay. The concrete structure consists of a north cell (10.973m x 2.440m)
and a south cell (8.535m x 2.440m) with precast headwalls. The structure width
is 21.032 metres. It took five precast concrete arches for the construction of each cell.
Each arch has a lay length of 1.829m.

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