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Precast boxes for culverts provide a cost effective structural product with excellent flow characteristics for use in streams. In addition, they are used for small bridges, access tunnels and onsite detention systems.

Precast boxes are a versatile product and easily adaptable to many different configurations allowing them to be used primarily as culverts, but also chambers, manholes, lift stations, pedestrian underpasses, fish ladders, or almost any use an engineer or designer can imagine.

Designed and engineered to meet standard box units found in OPSS 1821 or ASTM C1443 specifications, precast boxes must accommodate Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code requirements, while satisfying specialized loadings, and/or addressing many different design considerations.


Precast Box & Culvert Guideline

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Pre-assembled Cages Accelerate Precast Box Production for
Highway 407 Culverts

Construction of a 50km alignment of Highway 407 from Brock Road
to Highway 35/115 in Clarington, Ontario is scheduled for completion in
2020. The highway system is comprised of numerous structures and
interchanges including culverts to support high-speed lanes and
accommodate the hydraulics of streams and drainage systems. The
supply of large-sized precast concrete boxes for the construction of
culverts to convey tributaries of Oshawa Creek was accelerated by using
pre-assembled rebar cages during production of the boxes. The cages
were supplied by StelCrete Industries Limited, fully certified by the Canadian
Welding Bureau. The boxes were produced by M Con Pipe & Products Inc.
in Ayr, Culverts (M51 - Oshawa Creek West Tributary and M56 - Oshawa
Creek East Tributary) were specified originally as cast-in-place structures.
Culvert M-51 was designed as an 8000mm span x 2500mm rise culvert, and
M56 an 8000mm x 2100mm structure. Top and bottom slabs and walls were 
required to be 800mm thick.

See the article in the Summer 2014 Issue of the Concrete Pipe Journal on Page 6
Click on the title to go to the full article.



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