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Annual Meeting


The CCPPA 2018 Annual General Meeting is being held at the Delta Hotels Kananaskis Lodge in Kananaskis Village, Alberta from February 14 to 16, 2018.

Please submit registration forms by January 14, 2018


Delta Hotel - Please reserve you room as soon as possible as there is a limited block of rooms that are reserved for the CCPPA for February 14 to February 19.

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Contact Diane Mauro for assistance.
t. 519-489-4488 ext 1
f. 519-578-6060


See details on the Events Page. CLICK HERE 

Ottawa - January 10
Kitchener - February 22
London - March 1 
Niagara March 6 
Toronto March 8
Sudbury - March 20


Boxes for all applications
Standard wet cast boxes
Built-in strength and function
Dependable precast products

Precast concrete products are constantly being introduced to fill technology gaps identified by clients and specifiers through changes in government policy. Much investment has been injected into the technology of precast boxes for culverts in recent years. Not too long ago, the largest precast box was 3600mm X 3600mm (12-foot X 12-foot). Some customers needed larger structures to accelerate construction schedules. The concrete pipe industry responded with precast boxes that are 6m wide and 4m high. Concrete pipe producers helped with the specification and design of multi-cell box culverts to accelerate installation time, and now triple 2.4m x 2.4m reinforced concrete box culverts are not unusual.

Concrete pipe producers continue to build precast concrete infrastructure systems that now include products that not so long ago could not be seen in their yards. Precast concrete components for structures now include arches and boxes for storage, protection of utilities and services, and small bridges. The demand for larger precast systems now require the production of slabs and beams to complete drainage and storage structures.

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