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    Concrete Pipe Installation  The design of a concrete pipeline assumes that certain minimum conditions of installation 
will be met. Acceptance criteria are established to ensure that the quality of workmanship 
and material provided during construction meet the design requirements, and that the 
pipeline will perform properly.

Installation and field testing are the final steps in a process that also includes research, 
surface and sub-surface investigations, design, specification preparation, pipe 
manufacturing, and material testing. Installation procedures are presented in this guide, 
together with some of the problems that might be encountered. These procedures include:
  • Pre-construction planning
  • Site preparation
  • Ordering, receiving, unloading, and stockpiling
  • Excavation
  • Foundation and bedding preparation
  • Jointing and connections to MHs
  • Backfilling
  • Construction field testing
  • Damage assessment and rehabilitation
This booklet is a guide and is not intended to supersede the project specifications.

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