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Design Manuals
    The design of a concrete pipeline system is a complex task which involves the balancing of many factors. Each system must be designed in light of unique factual circumstances and constructed in accordance with all requirements of applicable law. 
The Ontario Concrete Pipe Association Design Manual is a detailed resource on concrete pipe, including standards, materials, performance data and construction references. 
     The Concrete Pipe Design Manual is an indispensable tool to help engineers select the type,
size, and strength requirements of pipe. It eliminates the lengthy computations previously required.
The manual includes standard installations using the indirect design method. More than 330
pages of tables and figures covering hydraulics of sewers and culverts, live loads and earth
loads, supporting strengths and supplemental design data are listed. Detailed example problems
of specific applications illustrate the use of the time saving design aids included in the manual.
The Design Manual is a companion volume to the Concrete Pipe Handbook. The Concrete Pipe
Design Manual includes a hardbound book with accompanying CD.

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