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This page archives timely news releases and editorials that are of interest to the Canadian concrete pipe industry. Many articles are summarized and linked to their source.


The Canadian Precast Concrete Quality assurance (CPCQA) Certification Program

The CCPPA and Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) are pleased to announce a new joint venture to establish an independent entity for an enhanced and expanded third-party administered and audited certification program for both prestressed and non-prestressed precast concrete manufacturing facilities across Canada.

For information about the Canadian Precast Concrete Quality Assurance (CPCQA) Certification Program, go to



Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association releases Environmental Product Declaration

The Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association (CCPPA) presented their newly-developed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to its membership at their Fall meeting on October 12, 2017. The association and its members developed, published and third-party verified this declaration that reveals the potential environmental impact of its concrete-based infrastructure products.

“Transparency is key,” states Andy Dutfield, current chair of CCPPA. “It really is a type of nutrition label for our customers and the general public who need to know the environmental impact of concrete pipe and related products made and available in Canada. It’s our goal as an association to further develop environmentally compatible and sustainable construction products for now and for future generations.”

According to CCPPA, the EPD is a Canadian industry-average business-to-business Type III declaration that covers three product categories: concrete pipe; concrete box structures; and manholes/catch basins. The EPD takes a “cradle-to-gate” approach, covering the potential environmental impact of standardized life cycle processes from raw material supply, methods of transportation for all materials in each stage of production, and the manufacturing process to the point the product leaves the “gate”.

CLICK HERE or on the image to see the published release in Environmental Science & Engineering



Strathcona County guests tour Lafarge Edmonton concrete pipe production facility

Lafarge hosted a tour of 12 guests from Strathcona County (near Edmonton) to witness the production of concrete pipe on July 20. The group was able to see the production of concrete pipe, welded wire cage production using the MBK machine, a pre-benching of manholes display, and coring of manholes.

Contact the CCPPA at 519-489-4488, or to arrange a tour of a local production facility.


Photos: Andrea Andrea Kozak, E.I.T., CCPPA Technical Resource Engineer


Souris Valley Industries Plant tour

Souris Valley Industries ( in Weyburn, Saskatchewan hosted a plant tour on June 23. It was the largest tour of their plant. Guests said the tour was well organized and they learned much about concrete pipe and the way it is produced. There were 27 attendees from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, the City of Regina, and local consulting companies.

Souris Valley’s General Manager Dustin Bell was the guide for the tour. Also available to answer questions were Don Bell (President) , Luk Bell ( Production Manager) and Graham Dean ( Sales Manager). Their knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated.

The tour consisted of Project Managers, Engineers, Structural Technologist, Company Presidents, and designers.

SVI had various products in there yard including various sizes of concrete pipe, manholes, tanks and a few specialty products. Attendees witnessed dry casting, the building of the cages on SVI’s new MBK machine, coring of the manhole, the CDS units from Rainwater Management, installation of the manhole Super Seals, daily production of the manhole and tanks and the strength testing of the concrete pipe using the D-loader.

The tour was facilitated by the CCPPA. To arrange for a tour of a concrete pipe and precast box production facility, contact the CCPPA at 519-489-4488





City of Toronto Reps take the tour of the Con Cast Pipe facility in Oakville 

Representatives of the City of Toronto attended a plant tour of the Con Cast Pipe facility in Oakville on Thursday June 23. Representatives received an in-depth look at high quality precast pipe products, manufacturing process, and the innovative Perfect Pipe System.

To book a tour of one of the facilities of Con Cast Pipe, or to find out more about the Perfect Pipe System, contact








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