The notion of education tends to focus on sharing knowledge and skills. Passing on knowledge is what CCPPA staff and members do very well. CCPPA has been instrumental in building knowledge about concrete and the behavior of precast pipe and other precast products. The Association’s delivery of knowledge has varied in duration and intensity for many reasons including economic, technology, and market forces. The Association's team of Technical Resource Engineers are supported by a North American library of brochures, videos, flyers, news releases, technical information bulletins and many other sources of information and knowledge. CCPPA staff spends significant resources reaching out to designers, specifiers, regulators, contractors and elected representatives to bring them the latest information and industry-wide knowledge used for making informed choices when specifying materials and products for buried infrastructure. Staff is present on various committees to ensure that discussions about changing Standards and introducing new Standards are based on a complete library of information.

CCPPA offers "Lunch and Learn" presentations to municipalities and engineering consultants throughout the year. Topics include:

  • Protecting Yourself as a Gravity Pipe Designer or Inspector,
  • Marston Spangler Indirect Method,
  • PipePac – Concrete Pipe Design Software,
  • MTO Gravity Pipe Design Guidelines Manual,
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe Best Practices, and,
  • Plant tours of concrete pipe and precast plants can be easily arranged for groups and individuals.

The purpose of Lunch and Learn presentations is to provide design engineers, project managers and inspectors with technical information that will assist them with their infrastructure projects.

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