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Stormwater Management

Winnipeg’s Basement Flood Relief and Combined Sewer Overflow Relief Project
was initiated in 1977 to mitigate basement flooding, and improve surface water quality
by reducing the frequency of combined sewer overflows. The installation of separate
storm and sanitary sewers was considered the most cost effective solution. The first
phase of the $100 million dollar project included the Jefferson East residential area
that follows the Red River through Winnipeg’s North End. Borland Construction was
the successful contractor for Contracts 2 and 3 of the Jefferson East development.
The contractor used a combination of trenchless methods to install 600mm to 900mm
diameter pipelines through the granular deposits. 

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Greens on Gardiner Stormwater Trunk Sewer
Rigid and flexible pipe products are designed to react differently in the field. When
installation specifications accurately account for these differences, and are combined
with a cost analysis of the pipe envelope, the result is the construction of a cost-effective
pipeline that will perform as expected. The Greens on Gardiner stormwater trunk sewer
in Regina is an installation that demonstrates how well-written specifications for the
installation of sewers result in cost-effective durable installations, with reduced liability placed on the design engineer.

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