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Unrealistic Roughness Coefficient Could Impair Pipe Capacity
   Resource # CPJ – 022
Abrasion Resistance of Concrete Pipe    Resource # CPJ – 018
Peel Regional Council says YES to Concrete Pressure Pipe and Buy Canadian     Resource # CPJ – 020
Addendum Addresses Standard of Care for Plastic Pipe
   # CPJ – 019
Assessments of Gravity Pipe Systems – Initial Pipe Cost not the Primary Consideration
   Resource # CPJ – 001
Black Fibre Pipe -Are We Destined To Repeat History?    Resource # CPJ – 006
Clarifying HDPE Standards in Canada
   Resource # CPJ – 005
Concrete Pipe Replaces Two Year Old HDPE Storm Sewer
   Resource # CPJ – 007
Designers Need to do More Than Reference a Standard
   Resource #CPJ – 015
Drainage Systems Under the Ontario Building Code    Resource # CPJ – 009
Estimated Material Service Life of Drainage Pipes    Resource # CPJ – 011
Manitoba Addressing Deteriorated Steel Culvert Problem    Resource #CPJ – 020
Concrete Pipe Reused for Markdale Storm Sewer    Resource # CPJ – 008
Pay Now, or Pay Big Later: Why Infrastructure Should be Built Based on Life Cycle Cost
   Resource #CPJ – 021
Should Someone Call a Plumber?
   Resource # CPJ – 013
Plant Prequalification Program - Setting a Standard of Excellence
   Resource # CPJ – 003
Ontario is Ready for Standardized Prebenched MH    Resource # CPJ – 004
Relining Culverts Can Reduce Hydraulic Capacity    Resource # CPJ – 014
Deficient Drainage System Leads to Demolition of Sudbury Library
   Resource # CPJ – 010
The Implied Ability of Pipe to Support Load
   Resource # CPJ – 017
This Could Easily Happen in Ontario!
   Resource # CPJ – 016
Trenching Safety can Compromise Plastic Pipe Performance
   Resource # CPJ – 002
Why Deflection Matters For Plastic Pipe
   Resource # CPJ – 012
Flotation of Circular Pipe
   Resource # CPJ – 024
CBC Sudbury Investigative Report on Bridges and Culverts
   Resource # CPJ – 025
Buried Infrastructure is Risky Business  Resource # CPJ – 026
Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe  Resource # CPJ – 027

Concrete Pipe Installation Guide

Concrete Pipe Design Manual (Ontario Concrete Pipe Association)

A detailed resource on concrete pipe, including standards, materials, performance data and construction references.

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Concrete Pipe Design Manual (American Concrete Pipe Association)

The manual is an indispensable tool to help engineers select the type, size, and strength requirements of pipe. It includes standard installations using the indirect design method. More than 330 pages of tables and figures covering hydraulics of sewers and culverts, live loads and earth loads, supporting strengths and supplemental design data are listed. Detailed example problems of specific applications illustrate the use of the time saving design aids included in the manual. The Design Manual is a companion volume to the CONCRETE PIPE HANDBOOK. The Concrete Pipe Design Manual includes a hardbound book with accompanying CD.
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Plant Prequalification Program

Complete information on the Plant Prequalification Program for concrete pipe manufacturers, established in 1965 by the Ontario Water Resources Commission.

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PipePac App

This software helps with the task of selecting the right material for buried pipeline systems. PipePac lets you determine the real cost of materials over the design life of a project. Integrated analysis is offered using three independent programs: (3EB) to select pipe class, CAPE (Cost Analysis of Pipe Envelope) and LCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis).

PipePac is:

  • Unique in North America
  • Indispensable to specifiers, designers, contractors, purchasers and planners


  • Integrated analysis using three independent programs (3EB, CAPE and LCA)
  • Easy comparison of flexible and rigid systems
  • Calculates earth loads and pipe classes for concrete pipe
  • Option of standards to follow - CSA or ASTM 
  • Choice of analysis in imperial or metric units


  • Evaluates costs associated with each alternate pipe material, based on design components and project requirements
  • Performs multiple economic analyses to compare different pipe materials based on total costs over the life of the project
  • Incorporates project design life, material service life, economic factors, traffic costs and other project related items
  • Estimates the material costs of embedment zones for both rigid and flexible pipe, and allows for the comparison of different embedment scenarios
  • For each depth of fill, computes resultant earth, live, and surcharge loads; the earth arching factor; the bedding factor; and the required pipe strength based on 0.01" (0.3 mm) crack strength, or ultimate strength in the Three-Edge Bearing test for non-reinforced pipe.

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Standard Installations (SIDD)

Comprehensive research paper on the concrete pipe design methodology commonly known as Standard Installations. Authored by P. Smeltzer and L. Daigle.

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Concrete Pipe Information Booklet

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Just the Facts I: Concrete vs. HDPE

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Just the Facts II: Concrete vs. HDPE

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Just the Facts III: Concrete vs. HDPE Booklet

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Just the Facts IV: Concrete vs. CSP Booklet

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