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The Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association has five professional engineers and one engineer-in-training on staff. Staff has extensive experience in the gravity pipe and precast industry having worked as senior staff with concrete pipe producers in eastern and western Canada, and concrete, steel structures and geotechnical design before representing producers and suppliers as CCPPA staff.

Their expertise includes all aspects of design, manufacture, installation and quality control of concrete pipe and precast drainage products. But their experience is not limited to rigid concrete pipe. The CCPPA team has experience with flexible pipe products such as plastic and steel. 

The team is actively involved with Ontario Provincial Standards and Canadian Standards Association. Their expertise and knowledge is shared with many industry-related organizations, along with Canadian universities and colleges.

The CCPPA team does not make sales presentations, as that is the responsibility of producer members of the CCPPA. Technical presentations are available for audiences of two to fifty people. Pick the topic and contact the Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association. Presenters bring lunch, presentation handouts and other technical resources.

Gerry Mulhern, P.Eng.
Paul Imm, P.Eng.
Enrico Stradiotto, P.Eng. 
Mafe Pinzón, P.Eng.
Andrea Kozak, E.I.T.

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Jude Tremblay, P.Eng.

President   Director of Technical Services   Senior Technical
Resources Engineer
  Region Engineer –
Saskatchewan Manitoba
  Technical Resources
  Technical Resources Engineer

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